Putting Home Needs Before Mortgage: How to Get the Best Deal

Remember, a mortgage is just a tool to solve the problem of housing. Make sure that as a buyer, you put the location and home needs ahead of the mortgage process. And the reason I say that is rates always change. You can always refinance your home. Rates will change dramatically over a short period of time as they have over the last 6-12 months, or they can take a longer time to come down or move up. Either way, interest rates or interest associated with a mortgage is still a tax write-off as of today. And you can't change the location of your home. You can change a few walls, some landscaping, or some additions to your current home. But you cannot change the location. So when I say location, location, location, it's something that's been said for probably 100 years by now. There's nothing more important than that when searching for a home.