Choosing the Right Realtor: 4 Questions to Ask

Looking for a realtor? Here are four questions you need to ask a realtor when you're interviewing them to see if they're going to be a good fit for you. Number one, do they listen to you and do they fully understand what you're looking for in a home? Number two, do they have resources that you could use during the transaction, whether it be a lender or a title company, or after the transaction maybe a referral list for contractors to do work or make repairs or updates to the home? Number three, make sure that they're available. They answer their phone, text message, email. And number four, that they understand the process. Make sure that your realtor that has actually bought a home themselves before. Make sure that they understand the financial process. Make sure they understand the inspection process. And most importantly, make sure they understand they work for you and they understand the contract that you're signing. You just have to be careful nowadays.