Moving From Arizona ?

Moving From Arizona ?

We provide a FREE Personal Relocation Program for those of you that may be relocating due to:

  • Market Conditions
  • Work
  • School
  • Family
  • A need for a change of scenery
  • The changing cost of living
  • Divorce

Most of us LOVE Arizona for its magical sunsets, simple yet unique landscapes, mild winters, and abundant sunshine. However in life, CHANGE is the only constant. As midwest transplants ourselves we understand the challenges of moving out of one state to another including moving costs, timing, selling an existing home, buying another home (sometimes sight unseen), and most importantly - the stress associated with the move. 

One of the trends we are seeing in our market is that price appreciation is often pricing out people looking to sell their current home and buy another quickly finding out that the demand out ways the supply and price wars are erupting. This scenario often times results in a client selling their Arizona home and buying a home where markets may be more palatable. 

Our service includes state to state consulting, planning and DISCOUNTS in order to make the move as stress free and cost prohibitive as possible.

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