What is a title search and why do I need one?

What is a title search and why do I need one? Well, a title search is something that the title company is going to do once we get an offer accepted on a home and we open escrow. What they're going to do is find anything and everything recorded to or attached to that property. In most cases, it's things like mortgages, any property taxes due, any utility easements. There can be a whole barrage of things, but those are the typical ones that we see and that is required to be disclosed to you so you know what you're purchasing. Then it's also instructions for them per the contract. We don't have to write anything else in addition to it to obviously pay off the current mortgage and any other liens attached to it that the seller has occurred during the time that they lived there or they've owned the property. You don't want to take on anything that one, you're not aware of or two, that you have to absorb financially from the seller. We want everything brought to what we call a blank slate at the time of recordation when you purchase that house and that deed is transferred into your name. It's the title company's responsibility to do their research from their side and that's what we call a title search.