What is the first step in the homebuying process? #arizonahomes #homebuying #realestateadvice

The first step in the home buying process. It's very exciting to buy a home and it takes some time to get everything in order. First you have to assess your financial situation. You need to evaluate your credit score, your income, your debt to income ratio, talk about saving for a down payment, and closing costs. Figure out what you want to do for a budget. How much are you currently paying for rent and how much can you afford to pay on the new house? You remember there's things like property insurance, maintenance costs, taxes, things like that. The next step is getting pre-approved for a mortgage. The lender is going to go over budget with you. They're going to tell you how much you qualify for and what your all-in payment is going to look like. And they're going to tell you what that equates to in a purchase price so that you and I get to do the fun stuff and go shopping. And of course you want to find a reputable and experienced realtor like myself who has great communication and negotiating skills to get you the best deal on the house.