What is a final walkthrough and why is it necessary?

What is a final walkthrough and why do we recommend you get one? We always always always recommend a final walkthrough of the home as close to closing as possible Even if you're out of state we go to the property regardless and We take a look at the major components of the house We want to make sure there was nothing crazy that happened during the escrow period Was there a flood was there a fire did somebody come and steal the AC units? I've seen it all I've been doing real estate here for 15 years and I've seen people try to steal the copper out of attics and Fall through the ceiling. I've seen whole AC units disappear so we definitely want to do a final walkthrough to make sure the home is Substantially in the same condition as it was when we went under contract in most cases Everything is perfectly fine and working order Occasionally we come across maybe we've had some rain recently and weeds appeared in the front our backyard It's little things like that That's what we typically find but we don't want to have a situation where there's a big ticket item missing and There's been an oops like a seller took a fridge by accident and you close on the house And now you can't get your fridge back.