Industrial home design and architecture is not something new and thanks to HGTV and social media it is not going away any time soon. Silo Homes and Industrial Architecture have helped Build Gilbert, Chandler, and Queen Creek Arizona. Silo homes are starting to take industrial architecture and design to another level. This is especially the case in areas of the country that are in a transition from a farming community to a family focused suburban community. While this transition may not always be welcomed, many towns and cities have done a great job of incorporating the charm associated with a farming community in to residential housing communities and a quality suburban experience IE Schools, Entertainment, City Services.

In my humble opinion, few cities have accomplished this better than GilbertChandler, and Queen Creek Arizona. Throughout these cities you will find industrial looking waterparks, and splash pads along with farm / industrial design elements that are unique to each city's history. Each city’s respective down-town area adopts the “gas lamp” type lighting schemes along with a mixture of restaurants and shopping. Each building is appropriately aged and incorporates design elements that fit into the industrial look associated with their surrounding areas.

All three of these communities have great schools and are family friendly. GilbertChandler and Queen Creek are also among the fastest growing cities in Arizona due to the increased investment into city services and new construction. If you are looking for a New Construction Home or considering a move to an existing home, you should definitely consider GilbertChandler, or Queen Creek. While you could consider building your own Silo home for relatively cheap you may want to leave it to the experts. You can buy a steel Silo for around $30 a square foot but when you think about bringing utilities to the home along with your interior build out it can get expensive pretty fast.

~ Jason Williams, Realtor

If you decide to buy a New Construction Home in Arizona, please keep in mind that there are $1000’s to be had in terms of New Build Homes. For many, this extra savings could be used for an Arizona Pool.

Megan and Jason

Megan and Jason Williams

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