Should I get a home inspection on my new build? #homeinspection #newconstruction #newbuild #builder

Should we have a home inspection on our new construction? We used to recommend a home inspection on a new construction home during the 11 month and here's why. You typically get a 12 month period of what we call a bumper to bumper warranty. That's if for any reason something goes wrong, you can call the builder and they'll come back and make it right. You're not going up on your roof or crawling through your attic looking for things wrong like a broken truss or broken roof tiles. That's where a home inspection comes in. At minimum during that 11 month, give us a call. We'll recommend a home inspector or two. Have them come out, cost about $500 and they are going to do a thorough top to bottom home inspection for you. And give you a big report that's about 40 pages long with photos that you can just turn over and give to your builder. That's the easiest way possible. I've had clients have the home inspector out on their 11 month find a very, very teeny water leak in the backside on the exterior of a shower in their master bathroom. That they never even noticed. It was so, so tiny. But the home inspector caught it. Once that was alerted to the builder, the builder came in, had to rip the entire bathroom out. There was mold. It was a huge mess. It took months to fix. But guess what? My client didn't have to pay a dollar over that couple hundred dollars to the home inspector that found that leak. Can you imagine what that house would look like five years from now? Or what the water bills would have been? Just because a teeny tiny nail nicked a teeny tiny piece of plumbing behind the wall. It's well worth it. In today's economy, we recommend it even at the beginning of your occupancy of your home. If it makes you feel more comfortable. But at minimum, do it at the 11 month. Reach out to us and we'll be happy to give you some referrals.