How do your negotiations work in the homebuying process? Negotiations in Home Buying - Learn How to Be One Step Ahead of the Appraiser

How does negotiations work in the home buying process? If you are the buyer and we represent you, we typically run comps and we always want to be one step ahead of the appraisers. We run comps as we're the appraiser. We make an educated offer based on what comps are on any given house and we start there. Typically go back with the seller, changing particular terms once or twice in most cases. Once we're under contract, you have 10 days to do your home inspection, which is typically a professional home inspector going out to the property and also a termite inspector. In some cases, it's additional inspectors on top of that if we're recommended to do so. Then we go back to the seller and we can ask for certain repairs. If there's large ticket repairs, we typically recommend asking the seller for that. That's another negotiation area. Same goes if the house doesn't appraise after the appraiser goes out there. We have to renegotiate the price and come to terms on what the seller is going to sell it for and what you as a buyer are going to buy it for.