Home and Pool Inspections in Arizona: What to Expect #arizonalife #arizonaliving #dreamhome

Getting ready to buy a new home in Arizona? Don't forget to have it inspected! We recommend calling a home inspector to get a general overview of the property, and in some cases additional inspections, like a pool inspection, may be needed. #arizonainspection #homeinspection #poolinspection #propertyinspection #propertycheckup





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What are the typical inspections you do in Arizona? We typically do a couple different inspections in Arizona. We definitely want to have a home inspector out to the property to do a general overall inspection of the property. In some cases, they call out a couple things that may need an additional inspection. Maybe it's a pool inspection to take a look at some leaks at pool equipment or some cracking. Maybe it's a roof inspection because the roof might be at the end of its age. Maybe it's a broken truss that we need to have a structural engineer take a look at or a foundation issue. Maybe it's a plumbing issue that we need to have a licensed plumber out to scope the pipes. That's not uncommon on a lot of older homes in Arizona. Reach out to us if you want a list of a couple great home inspectors that we've been using for years.