A Guide to Living in a Casita: What You Need to Know

What is a casita? That's a very common question we get nowadays, especially with the cost of housing and a lot of homes taking on parents or grandparents or even kids moving back home. So basic definition here, as we understand it, is a casita is basically a room for which somebody can live in, which usually includes an attached bathroom, and in some cases, a kitchenette, which may or may not include a sink, maybe a microwave, or a hot plate, which is simply electric oven you can plug into the wall. Also, there could be a number of other things that would dictate if it makes sense to add a casita to your home. It's also a good idea to look at the cost associated with that versus what it costs to buy a home that already has the casita. In some situations, you can buy a home that already has the casita kind of already built in for less than it would cost to remodel a current home, depending on codes and where the other rooms are located in the house. So just got to kind of think through that process before moving forward.