Contesting a Low Home Appraisal: Tips for Buyers #lowappraisal #homebuying #contestappraisal #lender

Are you worried about potentially buying a home that's going to have a low appraisal? Well, that's a concern of a lot of people nowadays and we have some options for you in terms of contesting an appraisal. Once you receive an appraisal, there is a process that most lenders will follow to identify discrepancies in appraisal form or maybe some comps that were not used during the process. There is still a lot of information to provide an appraiser to help them make their job a little bit easier, which is why it's important to make sure the listing agent also provides information to the appraiser, whether leaving it on the counter or providing it to the lender to help make the process easier for them. Also consider this, the appraiser does not work for the buyer or the seller. They work for the lender to make sure that the assets being purchased does fall under their guidelines within federal regulations.