Combining Households? Here's What You Need to Know About Casitas & Modern Law Suites

Thinking about combining households, maybe a parent, grandparent, your kids moving back in? Well, there's a lot of things to consider. The Valley has had an explosion of casitas and modern law suites introduced into different new floor plans, also into remodel projects that have really brought the focus on housing affordability, especially when it comes to people moving from in or out of state. It's a very big problem to have here in the Valley and housing affordability can be a challenge. However, here are some tips to keep things somewhat affordable and to make sure you're ready for it. Number one, let's make sure that you cannot tweak the current layout of your home you have. So, you know, adding a bathroom or adding a wall or separating a section of the house that may help things be more affordable. You maybe could do a refinance of the home to help pay for that. And number two, let's talk about perhaps combining households, including incomes, so we can look at purchasing a bigger home that can accommodate your situation.