Avoiding Trigger Leads: The Unethical Practices of the Real Estate Industry

Have you ever pulled your credit and been called 30 times regarding a mortgage rate? Well, in our industry, we call that trigger leads. And unfortunately, it's, in my opinion, one of the most unethical processes that takes place in the real estate industry. So keep in mind, if somebody's cold calling you in order to talk to you about mortgage rates, they're probably not the best fit for you. Look around, talk to clients, talk to friends, talk to your realtor. They always have somebody who's been vetted who will likely give you the better experience and in most cases, a better financial situation than somebody who cold calls you out of the blue. You know, unfortunately, a lot of people have turned this industry into a car salesman type situation where people are calling you and calling you and calling you and turning into spam and getting you frustrated. Well, don't let that happen. Take control of your situation.