5 Questions to Consider When Exploring a Neighborhood or Subdivision




5 Questions to Consider When Exploring a Neighborhood or Subdivision Are you looking for the perfect neighborhood to call home? Ask yourself these top five questions to make sure the neighborhood or subdivision you're considering is the right fit for you. From checking out the amenities to analyzing the aesthetic, these factors are sure to help you find a place you can call home! #neighborhoodquestions #communitypool #amenities #safety #localentertainment



What factors should I consider when looking at a neighborhood or a subdivision? I like to call this my top five neighborhood questions.

When I'm looking at a neighborhood, I first start and look at the neighborhood itself. Do you like the look of it? Do you have, does it have the amenities? Are you looking for a community pool? Are you looking for it to be gated, etc.? And then the HOA. The majority of our neighborhoods and subdivisions in Arizona have HOAs. So how strict are the HOA? Maybe you're looking to do an Airbnb. Do they allow Airbnbs? Things like that. Two, the schools. Do you have kiddos that want to go to a certain school? Are they ranked well? Are you going to go to a charter school? Do you need to have a certain time frame for commute to go to that charter school? Things like that. Three, is it close to food and shopping? How close is the grocery store? How close is the hospital? Do you need to be close to doctors? Things like that. Four, your commute. If you work outside the home, you are commuting typically Monday through Friday, every day of the week. And you need to have a certain time frame for commute. Do you want to be stuck in traffic? Do you care? Where, what's the longest commute time that you're looking for? Does that fit? And five, things to do. What do you do on your spare time when you're not working? What do you like to do? Or do you like to go hiking? Do you like to go boating? Believe it or not, in Arizona, we do have boating. I, you know. Things like that. All of that matters. Things like that. All that matters when you're trying to pick the right neighborhood for subdivision.