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You're interested in a VIP Home. Now it's time to learn why there is no better value. Study this page and you will see why VIP Homes are not only durable and built to last but that they will pay for themselves over time. Listed below are several included features that VIP offers. Shop around and see if you can find another builder who matches up. We are still looking. 50% More Energy Efficient than the Model Energy Code* - In 2007 only 12% of all new homes were built 15 % more efficient than the model energy code. In comparison every VIP Home home built is at least 50% more efficient than the model energy code. We are not aware of any other builder who meets this level of energy efficiency on every home they build. Cathedralized Attic Insulation - VIP installs R-38 insulation adjacent to the roof. This is superior to R-30 ceiling installations because it provides a semi conditioned space in the attic and provides a higher R value. The seal it provides also reduces the amount of dust and pests that can infiltrate your attic which is found in traditional installations. 2 x 6 Construction - The 5.5 inch cavity of a 2 x 6 wall provides an R-19 value(the higher the r-value the more energy efficient) while the traditionally installed 2 x 4 provides only a 3.5 inch cavity and an R-13 value. Some studies show that it takes just 3 years to recoup the extra money spent to pay for the 2 x 6 construction. Blown Insulation in the Walls - While 2 x 6 walls make an R-19 value in the cavity possible the blown insulation ensures that the value is true. Blown insulation achieves this because unlike fiberglass batts it does not allow any voids or gaps. Other advantages of blown insulation include it's sound deadening capabilities and the pest deterance that

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